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Published by The Suna and Inan Kiraç Foundation -- 24 x 31 cm., 405 pg, , English

Garo Kürkman, after his books such as Ottoman Silver Marks, Anatolian Weights and Measures and Armenian Painters in the Ottoman Empire, published Magic of Clay and Fire in 2006.

In his book, he had an extensive research on Kütahya Ceramics, which have been overshadowed by the attention focused on Iznik ceramics in the Ottoman Period. Kürkman turned his attention to Kütahya and concentrated on the long history of pottery production in Kütahya- its development, materials, workshops and craftsmen supported with various documents and photographs from many museums and archives that have never been published before.

The collection includes various pieces from Turkish collections which depict great variety of shapes and designs, used in particular in the eighteenth century by Kütahya potters on such items as dishes, basins, ewers, candlesticks, moneyboxes, mugs and bottles, gourds and jugs. In the book, there are also examples of less famous pieces
such as the lamp from the Gulbenkian Collection in Lisbon.

The book introduces the magical world of clay, fire and glaze hidden in the distant past of Kütahya.

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Ipek: The Cresent & the Rose: Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets (Hardcover)
by Julian Raby, Alison Effeny, Nurhan Atasoy, Walter B. Denny, Louis W. Mackie